SV 29

The Sv29 is the latest addition to the Outerlimits line up. Designed from the hull up by Mike Fiore and team, the SV29 has proven to be a world champion. The hull alone took years of reach and development to ensure perfection. Derived from our evolutionary, industry leading SV hull design, the SV29 continues the Outerlimits legacy of, speed, handling and ergonomics. Utilizing Outerlimits’ Monocoque grid system, the Sv29 is a three-piece proprietary bonded together design that has proven to be a technological advancement. Combined with Outerlimits E-glass post-cured epoxy layup puts the SV29 in a class of its own.

As in true SV fashion, the SV29 is a race inspired breed. Two adjustable, form fitting race style bucket seats and a bench style rear, ensures passengers of a confortable race style experience. Full wrap around windshield provides ample wind protection for all occupants. Race style gauges and GPS proudly mount on a carbon fiber dash. The cabin provides ample room for an out of the sun getaway and a spacious vee berth for overnight stay. The SV29 proves to be a family friendly speedster.

Speed, Handling and quality have been a hallmark of Outerlimits for over 20years and have carried through with the SV29. Speeds of over 98mph are achievable with a single Mercury 565 engine package, unheard of in a single engine Vee bottom. The best kind of rigging is rigging strategically hidden away, apparent in the SV29. The monocoque bilge was designed to hide unsightly rigging giving the illusion of the motor floating seamlessly in mid air. In the first year on the race course the SV29 dominated all capturing the World Championship in Key West leaving the competition in its wake. Come experience the unforgettable ride of an Outerlimits SV29 today and Live Fast!

Length: 29' 11"
Beam: 8'
Weight: 4,850lbs