Construction & Design

Outerlimits Powerboats - Flawless, Lighter, Stronger and Faster

Pride in craftsmanship flows throughout Outerlimits, as the factory team--laminators, upholsterers, painters and riggers, all stake their reputations on their workmanship, bringing the brand to customers who recognize and want only the best.

Outerlimits has always been recognized as building the strongest, most durable, rough water boat on the market. Using epoxy and carbon fiber makes the boats stronger and lighter, creating greater performance with less horsepower.

Fiore's team of savvy craftsmen understand the intricacies of impregnating carbon fiber fabric with the precise amount of epoxy resin required. Each strip of the treated fabric is applied to meticulously prepared molds and each layer of carbon and core is vacuum bagged to eliminate air and excess resin that could weaken or blister the lightweight epoxy construction. Each part then moves on to the computer-controlled oven for curing. This 2-day heating and cooling process facilitates the maximum strength of the epoxy and protects the boat from adverse reaction to the elements and hot sun. The boat is then blueprinted to ensure it meets the exact design specifications of each model, creating uniformly flawless hulls. The deck and hull are then laminated together to ensure rattle-free, permanent construction.

Rigging and engine installation are completed by technicians and mechanics, specially trained in high performance boating. While enjoying a strong partnership with Mercury Racing, a wide range of high-performance power packages are available on request, each customized to properly complement the customer's boating style and use. Design of the cockpit and selection of the proper instrumentation is completed by the Outerlimits team incorporating the preferences of the customer.

Outerlimits races not just to win, but to innovate.

Research and development are the source to Outerlimits achievements in both pleasure and race boats. All engineering concepts, development and tooling are done in-house which assures the attention to detail that makes Outerlimits boats what they are. Outerlimits exacting standards and precise designs create a truly superior boat.

Though pleasure boating is the primary business of Outerlimits Powerboats, racing is a part of its heritage and building process. Running a boat on a race course is a punishing activity that tests the absolute strength of the hull, engine and racer and that is why it is an ideal research and development technique. Even before he started Outerlimits, Mike won an APBA National Championship, then went on to earn numerous World Championships, Kilo Records and speed run awards which led to even more finely-tuned and constructed Outerlimits Powerboats.

After winning the 2006 National & World Championships, Outerlimits took its new racing hull, the SV-40, to the highly competitive European racing circuit, Powerboat P1. The SV 40 was the fastest boat in the highly competitive Evolution class consistently recording the highest speeds. Outerlimits swept the Evolution Class in the British Grand Prix of the Sea and was presented with the prestigious Beverbrook Trophy. Outerlimits consistently dominated in both rough and calm water throughout the season. We are very pleased with our first year's effort and look forward to further success."